Write For Us

Please,for the love of all that’s stupid,write for us!!

Recent boosts of the site’s popularity mean I’m always looking for fresh and exciting features to share but I have begun to realise I can’t do this on my own(I have a co-ed but he’s always off blogging about 2000AD).I really want to write more in-depth articles but just don’t have the time,this is where you come in…

If I had someone to share the load I could expound upon my love of geek art and all that my passion emcompasses.We need:

1)An assistant features editor to help me chase down news stories and catch the ones I missed.

2)An anime and manga editor.

3)A comics reviewer.

4)A gaming editor.

5)Whatever you want,try me.

In all these categories the site’s emphasis is still on great art,So if you want to write about gaming,we want to see great game concept art or fan art of gaming characters,if you love anime we want to see awesome anime art or amazing anime fan art..you get the picture.We do run news stories but we love our art the most!

Any ideas and applications visit our contact page,no,this isn’t a paying gig,but one day it just might be.


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