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What would you like to see here?Or do you have any great art you feel we should know about?Are you a great artist?Want to write for us?Questions,questions,or maybe you have answers? Use this handy form to contact us! However,although I use the royal we,keep in mind 85% of the time I’m on my own as my co-ed is usually off blogging about 2000AD  make that: now working for them so if I don’t answer you, be patient and don’t take it personally, it just means I’m snowed under!

DO NOT:Ask me to review your comic. Asking this shows that you have not looked at the site and therefore do not understand we are a site focused on art and animation;we preview comics 1 day a week to showcase the art. My reply to these requests is always the same: “We don’t do reviews but we would be happy to showcase art from the comic and or concept designs”. I never get a reply from this-if I have taken the time to reply to you why the hell would you be so rude as to disregard my answer? It just shows you are phishing for free publicity, take it somewhere else.

Don’t ask to write guest articles plugging your product that has fuck all to do with my site,you will get a two-word reply. If you are a comic or art company and want to write a guest article I’m sure you understand there is a fee, starting at around $300 depending on the size of the campaign.

Any other requests-please think before you ask,and good luck.

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