The Main Cast of Stranger Things by Marion Bordeyne

I wanted to make this part 2 of yesterday’s post but the code for pagination on posts just isn’t working. With that in mind, here’s another Stranger Things  art post (and it’s not the last, we have concept art to get through yet!).                                                                                                                                                                         Jonathan Byers by Galaxy Soeaking

French artist Marion Bordeyne has illustrated the main cast of Stranger Things, all ready to go to war with the hideous Demogorgon. These kids have plenty of fight in them and  are determined to win back those they have lost…good luck with that guys, you’ll need it.

El by Galaxy Speaking Nancy by Galaxy Speakig Joyce Byers by Galaxy Speaking

The Boys:

Mike by Galaxy Soeaking Dustin by Galaxy Speaking

Lucas By Galaxy Speaking


Marion’s blog. Instagram, and twitter.

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