More Gender Swapped Mayhem With Another Fionna & Cake Episode in February

If there’s one thing that the makers of Adventure Time could never have predicted it’s how absolutely cray-cray fans of the show go over the gender-swapped alternatives of Finn and Jake.

Yes,Fionna and Cake have spawned a thousand cosplay tributes,their own fan fiction and so much fan art it’s just not true.Which is all the more bizarre when you consider they were themselves a fan made creation,the duo were drawn into being by the fantastic Natasha Allegri who now works for the show and writes/draws the Fionna & Cake comic.That first issue of that comic has now completely sold out and has run to a second printing,deservedly so,you should check it out as everything Natasha creates is full of humour and warmth.

So much love for a couple of characters that have only been in the actual cartoon Adventure Time once(twice if you include the episode “Mystery Dungeon”).That’s all set to change on February the 18th when a second official Fionna & Cake episode is aired in the states,we have a clip below but first i thought I’d share Natasha Allegri’s latest gender-swapped doodle and some illustrations and fan art from around the web,including Andrew Neal’s rejected cover for Fionna & Cake #1.After that there is a really sweet fan made Fionna & Cake animation from last year,the voices are a little off but the animation is really good!

Natasha Allegri

Unused cover for Fionna & Cake #1 by Andrew Neal

By Mike Maihack

Sandra Rivas

Paulius Zakarauskas

Airs 18th Feb video clip via Albotas.

And here’s the fan made episode by Lydia Fama on youtube.


Natasha Allegri

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