Not Caught Galley Nucleus’ Gravity Falls Show? Check Out Our Top Picks

We all miss Gravity Falls and you’ll probably agree there was plenty of scope for another series but, as they say in Showbiz, better to go out with a bang….


Compliment Me! by Patrick Robertson

….and leave them wanting more, something which Alex Hirsch’s first series for Disney XD (and first series period) managed to do, with fans clamouring  for more. A fanaticism  proven when the intrepid weirdness enthusiasts showed up in full force to solve one last Mystery of Pines Family, the location of a real live-ish, Bill Cypher statue located somewhere in the US. The sheer numbers of fans that turned out to solve this final conundrum, illustrated just how much the show struck a chord with children and parents alike.

With Bill’s whereabouts solved, all that was left was to bid farewell to the show via the medium of art. Drawing to a close this weekend ( so you still have time to catch it) is Farewell to the Falls: A Gravity Falls Art Show at Gallery Nucleus. There are tons of great exhibits to see, some well out of my price range but some will be available as prints if requested. You only have 3 days to get down to the show, or you can peruse the art online if you desire, whatever you do, just go and visit the Mystery of The wonderful Gravity Falls whilst you can and bid Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, Wendy, and everyone you grew to love a fitting farewell this weekend. Here’s our pick of the art from the exhibit, some, sadly sold out, though Gallery Nucleus may make those prints yet, you never know.


Astrum Glow by Ksenia Chereshneva


GF_Ali Danesh_

Sock Opera By Ali Danesh



Stephanie Ramirez

Woodpaintings by Stephanie Ramirez




_GF_KevinStanton_Bill_in wood Kevin Stanton Limited

Bill Cypher woodcut by Kevin Stanton aka The Wooden Heroes

_WaddlesTakeFlight by Tara Nicole

Waddles Takes Flight by Tara Nicole

ANormalPoster encouraging Children to Reda by Sarah Catugno

A Normal Poster encouraging Children to Read by Sabrina Catugno


A Walk in The Woods by Sarah Kipin


Dream-Boyz by Chris Gerringher


FLSKHU-by Sarah Craig

GF Gravity Nucleus limited edition 50 prints Jeffrey Thompson

By Jeffrey Thompson (very limited)

GF Trust by Andrea Hernandez

Trust by Andrea Hernandez



Jason Ritter

By Jason Ritter


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