DC Announce Batcow Plushie to Go On Release With Harley’s Grinning Green Hyenas

Since Damien Wayne found himself a pet, and a new conscience with regards to eating meat, or rather ; not eating meat, Batcow has been a  favourite among Bat-fans.


After his first appearance in Batman and Robin, Batcow’s nonchalance and seeming lack of any cares set him on an unfazed path to stradom with the Tiny Titans and Super Pets, both series helmed by kid friendly cartoonist Art Baltazar ( Itty Bitty Hellboy & about 100 more books!).

Damien Bat Cow

Now DC Collectibles have decided that you too can own your own nonchalant grass munching bovine hero, plus two more overly enthusiastic Super Pets, Harley Quinn’s gruesome twosome, Chuckles and Crackers, the grinning green hyenas.

FNF-BatCow1 FNF-BatCow2 FNF-BatCow3

Both sets of plushies go on sale around March next year so you gots plenty of time to save up for as many plushie figures as possible. All retail for around $15.


Batcow from DC Collectibles



TinyTitans-BatCow batcowtinytitans


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