The Dark Tower Prints by Aptly Named Artist, The Dark Inker

UK artist, the aptly named Dark Inker, produced three works for Hero Complex Gallery‘s Stephen King Show. All art with a focus on the Dark Tower can be seen below.

Gunslinger by Dark Inker

Anyone who knows me will know that Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series is one of my favourite literary worlds to inhabit, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Idris Elba as Roland, The Gunslinger, when the films eventually make it to the big screen: so many questions about that..! How are they going to fit 7 books into a few many films will there be..? How much of the sprawling epic will we see? It’s a huge undertaking bringing the Gunslinger’s world to life that it makes my head hurt to think about it!

I’m happy to find any Dark Tower art at all, it is a popular book but that doesn’t seem to translate into fan art. I’m even happier if it is good art and these prints by the similarly named Dark Inker, all commissioned for Hero Complex Gallery‘s King For A Day exhibit.

I Do Not Kill With My Gun by The Dark Inker

I Do Not Kill With My Gun

Gunslinger by Dark Inker

The Gunslinger

Gunslinger by Dark Inker. details

The Gunslinger details (above & below)

Gunslinger by Dark Inker. details.2

Dream Catcher by The Dark Inker

Dream Catcher, Stephen King Tribute

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