Bravest Warriors #8 Cover Gallery

Naturally I was overjoyed when KaBoom’s Bravest Warriors mini series made the leap from mini-series to ongoing,not least because of the amazing cover artists the comic features each month.

In May the Bravest Warriors round-up their second story arc at the alien beauty pageant and as usual the covers are brilliant and most covet-worthy.Great to see Brighton boy Nick Edwards¬†supply his outstanding art to the front of an already outstanding comic,keeping at least some of the talent local,though I would be happy to see any British artist on the cover of such an esteemed journal;one who lives down the road from me?Squeeeee!Fangirling screams aside that Nick Edwards cover is the same one I published for issue #7 so I think there’s been a mistake,it’s staying there until I find out what’s going on…

Bravest Warriors #8 cover A by Tyson Hesse

Cover B by Nick Edwards//tumblr

Cover C Yehudi Mercado//tumblr

Cover D Jeremy Sorese//tumblr

Bravest Warriors #8

FINAL ISSUE OF THE ARC! The most nefarious force in the universe has finally followed through with its plan to steal brains through an alien beauty pageant! Can the Warriors stop it with POWER and RESPECT? The final issue of the arc, and the final Nick Edwards connecting B cover!

Written by:Joey Comeau

Art by:Mike Holmes

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