Awesome Art Vol II 28. 8. 16 Animation Fan Art

Each week When we can be arsed we compile our favourite pieces of art from around the web into one manageable post. It doesn’t matter if it’s fan-made or professional work, it just has to be awesome.

The internet has made the art world, especially comic art, infinitely more accessible to fans. There are a plethora of ways you can catch up with your favourite comic artists, from blogs,to image sharing sites and beyond, it only leaves us with one problem, what to choose at the end of the week! We hope you enjoy the work we have stumbled across and if you have any tips you’d like to share, leave a comment or go to the contact page.

Marceline T Wei

Marceline by T Wei


Mabel by Jessified

Mabel Pines by Jessiefied

Steven vs Homeworld by Imla

Steven vs the Homeworld by Imla

Lapis by Akatsu

Lapis by Aka-tsu

Mordecai & Rigby by Ann Tarasova

Mordecai & Rigby by Anna Tarasova

Marceline by Ben Anders

Marceline by Ben Anders

Moebiustime by Brandon Graham

Princess Bubblegum (after Moebius) by Brandon Graham

Pines twins 1

Mabel & Dipper, Stan & Stanford Pines by milsae

Pines twins 2 milsae

Star by Jellymoon

Star VsTFOE by Jellymoon

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