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To bid on ads shown or just to start your own campaign I highly recommend visiting Project Wonderful!

If you just want to help pay our ISP and web-host please

For more focused ad campaigns and everything else read this:

We will consider all applications for advertising, we offer one large banner ad at the top of the page, one large sidebar ad and as many little footer ads as you like. Prices start from £50 £35 (in the new year sale) a month. We also consider promotions in return for goods.

A full page advert, ie; a post advertising your goods will start at £200 £150 in the new year sale.

Please visit our contact page to get in touch about advertising or sponsorship,we will accept anything arty or geeky; no spam,no “you have won”, nothing that doesn’t reflect the genuine love of geek art that we like to share on this site. Interested?

Contact Us or DM us on Twitter

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Advertising logo by Bob Flynn not drawn for me, but from his webcomic.

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